Texas A&M University




Research interests

Behavioral economics, Public economics, economics of religion, altruism, inequality

Religion: religiously-motivated decision making, identity/identity intersections, religious competition, religious charity
Altruism: charitable giving behavior, determinants and consequences of altruism, altruism in market interactions
Inequality: perceptions of income inequality, causes of and remedies for poverty


Eckel, Catherine C., Benjamin A. Priday, and Rick K. Wilson. “Charity Begins at Home: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment on Charitable Giving,” Games, 2018, 9(4), 95.

Working papers

“Encouraging Human Flourishing through Economic and Religious Liberty” (with Art Carden and Steven Castello)

Works in progress

“Revisiting the relationship between income, wealth, and charitable giving” (with Jonathan Meer)
"Leadership gift schemes as a signal of charity quality” (with Piruz Saboury, Silvana Krasteva, and Marco Palma)